Key Features:

Concern Chronology

Access a complete wellbeing history for each athlete, including welfare, behavioral and mental health concerns, as well as first aid incidents and medical needs. View detailed chronologies and printable reports, tag cases on multiple athletes, and share concerns with other staff as appropriate.

Criminal Record Checks

Record criminal record, identification and background checks, ensuring that all staff working with young athletes have undertaken the appropriate checks. Flag any missing information for review and use reminders to keep track of ongoing compliance.

Global View

For organizations with multiple clubs, or NGBs, use the global view of audit responses and concerns to identify trends by club, age or location. Target your organization’s training, financial resources or intervention strategies appropriately based on the day-today information clubs enter into the system.

Staff Training Record

Maintain and evidence staff training and background checks with a complete and customizable log of certificates and assessments. Receive notifications when training is due to ensure that staff stay updated on the latest safety practices for young people.