At Locker our mission is to enhance the safety for participants across all sports and at all levels. This goal originates from a passion for sport and wanting to make a positive impact on the safety, mental health and well-being of all participants.

We work closely with sporting organisations, from grassroots organisations to professional clubs and NGBs. Tailoring our solution to their requirements helps make Locker a best in class platform. Based in Nottingham, UK and Austin, US, we have placed a global focus on athlete safety and increased participation across sports.

Locker is a cloud-based system offering web and app-based access which is easy to use. Locker has been developed with simplicity in mind to provide access to a range of features – all leading to increased awareness, and maximised performance. Your staff can access Locker using a desktop, tablet or mobile device from their home, office or the training ground.

We treat the security of player and staff data with the utmost importance. Locker allows access levels to be set as required to ensure information is kept secure and in the right hands. Locker empowers organisations to utilise the power of data analysis by providing contextual insights to provide early intervention to promote athlete wellbeing.

With this capability, safeguarding officers, coaches and executives are provided with a holistic view, allowing them to conduct gap analysis, set objectives, intercept and mitigate risk.

Get started today and join Locker in promoting participant safety at all layers of sports and beyond.